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Brunswick Life

This issue of Brunswick Life is almost exclusively filled with articles from Brunswick students. They are among 30 to 35 students in grades six through 12 participating in the BEAT program. The independent, self-funded program is sponsored by RPM, Plum Creek Assisted Living Community, WOW! Cable and Internet, Allstate/Brenda States, and Lorain County Community College/University of Akron at Midpoint Campus.

"None of this would be possible without the support of the Brunswick City Schools, our sponsors over the last fourteen years and especially our BEAT students and their families. They've made the program the success that it has become," said program adviser John Wasylko, who also contributed much to this issue, tracking down pictures and articles.

I am grateful for the students' contributions and impressed by their work, but they didn't leave much room for me. The students came up with their own story ideas and delivered quality articles. This is their issue.

I encourage readers to visit to read the longer versions of the students' articles, and watch them on Channel 22. Join me in congratulating them on a job well done.

Bill Hammerstrom Editor, Brunswick Life Magazine.

BEAT students were given the opportunity to produce the ENTIRE May edition of Brunswick Life magazine. Fifteen exclusive BEAT stories/photos, with accompanying videos, focusing on events and people throughout Medina County, were produced by the students.

The publication will be mailed to every home in the Brunswick area in late April.

Tom Batiuk, creator of the "Funky Winkerbean", "Crankshaft" and "John Darling" comic strips, recently visited the BEAT TV studios in late February to talk with reporter Alexis Gemelas.

Batiuk's interview can be viewed on the BEAT's video-on-demand link here.

Rita Andolsen, Director of Advocacy & Community Initiatives for WKYC/Gannett Foundation, visited the BEAT TV studios in late February.

Andolsen taped an interview with Nicole Rhoades, discussing the future of our industry and opportunities for BEAT students.

Also, she announced that the BEAT will receive a grant from the Gannett Foundation to support future operations.

Thank you Rita and WKYC/Gannett Foundation for your support!

Video Program Members serve as "Tribe Reporters for a Day"

Brunswick High School sophomores Rohan Srivastava, Teri Theobald and Gabe Wasylko served as "Tribe Reporters for a Day" on Wednesday, May 8th.

The students, who are all members of the award-winning Brunswick Schools BEAT Video Program ( ), attended a Terry Francona press conference, and received tips and insight from longtime Plain Dealer sports reporter Paul Hoynes. Also, they interviewed Indians players Chris Perez, Yan Gomez and Cody Allen.

Twenty-five students throughout Northeast Ohio were selected as Tribe Reporters. Students were selected based on essays submitted on why they wanted to be a sports journalist, and how the "Tribe Reporter" experience would enrich their future careers.

WEWS NewsChannel5 and the Scripps Howard Foundation award $6,000 grant.
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The Brunswick Schools Video Program, a nationally recognized student extracurricular program focusing on "backpack journalism", was recently awarded with a $6,000 grant from WEWS NewsChannel5 and the Scripps Howard Foundation.

The award-winning Program, established in 2000, has earned local and national recognition for its ability to provide students (grades 6-12) with the unique opportunity to be community journalists who write, interview and produce programs for Brunswick Educational Access TV.

One of our students, Rohan Srivastava, took top honors at the 2012 MCA-I Video Awards in Las Vegas, NV.
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"Rohan is one of the anchors of our Video Program. He is extremely talented, responsible, mature beyond his years and a phenomenal team player. "Gotta Keep Reading" is just one of many programs of an extremely high level that Rohan has created for us. He always makes it always look easy." Says John Wasylko, Advisor, Brunswick Schools Video Program. "The thing that impresses me most about Rohan is his modesty and willingness to help other team members. He will be an exceptional addition to a video organization some day."

Rohan is pictured here with Silver Award Winner Nicole Rhodes, also from Brunswick Schools Video Program.

The Brunswick School's Video Program is featured in this month's Government Video magazine.
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The BEAT currently has 31 students. The time requirements force reporters to take their video club responsibilities as seriously as a job. That’s something Tyler Maruschak, a high school senior and fourth year BEAT reporter, has learned. “There is no doubt that the BEAT is a huge commitment. When I first started I didn’t see this as much,” he said, adding that he learned organization and time management skills from the project. “The BEAT has become a second job for me and I treat it as such,” he said.

Recent BEAT graduates, Brittany Lemmerman and Sean O'Connor, assist Rachel Williams, in the center, on a multi-camera HD-video shoot.

BEAT manager Tyler Maruschak was selected as one of two recipients of the 2012 NATAS (Lower Great Lakes Chapter)
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When I look to the future, I see myself being a newscaster. I want to sit at that desk every night and be reporting the news. I have a natural love for being on camera and talking to people about anything. I plan on going to Kent State University to pursue a degree in Broadcast Journalism. I want to gain a lot of skills with being on camera and editing. My dream is to be on television reporting the news but I also have a love for editing videos which I could also use in the field of Broadcast Journalism.

video club students